Learn The Advantages of cooking with a Programmable Electric Cooker

Electric pressure cooker

Halfway between a food processor and a pressure cooker, programmable electric cookers offer very interesting possibilities in the kitchen of any home or restaurant.

The pressure cooker is one of the best helpers in the kitchen. Its speed, thanks to pressure cooking and the great energy savings it offers, have made it an indispensable element in every home. With the advance of technology and the constant studies and research aimed at improving the quality of life and promoting comfort in household chores, other devices have appeared such as kitchen robots that provide some very different features.

In this same sense, electric programmable cookers can be considered a middle ground between the food processor and the pressure cooker, being a useful household appliance that is not so well known by the general public and, nevertheless, is of great help thanks to its interesting advantages. It is simply a traditional pot that does not chop or prepare food before cooking. One of the greatest advantages offered by this type of appliance is the possibility of programming the time at which cooking starts and ends without the need to keep an eye on it. These appliances also have the possibility of heating the food when indicated with a multitude of programmable positions depending on the brand and model.

Some of the more advanced models have the possibility of frying, cooking, steaming, grilling, pressure cooking and even baking. For this purpose, the pans are equipped with special grids to add food in the most suitable position for each type of cooking, as well as grill function lids for browning recipes in the oven. The energy saving is more than remarkable due to the total control of the temperature by the cooker, as well as the baking function that allows to roast food in small quantities without the need to heat a large oven.

It is also common for people who use this type of pot to talk about tastier and juicier food due to the concentration of all the liquids inside the pan. This makes it notably different from the pressure cooker, which must expel large amounts of steam, forcing the addition of water for proper cooking. The crock pot stops the heat increase when it reaches the indicated pressure so it does not need to expel steam.