Is a Pressure Cooker or a Fast Cooker Worth it?

Pressure cookers are a product that we use very often at home and we believe it is worth buying because it has many advantages. In addition, a crock pot can last a lot of years at home, so we amortize the investment.

A recurring question we receive is whether it is worth buying a pressure cooker. Some customers wonder if it really saves time or if there are savings compared to using a normal pressure cooker. If you are considering buying a pressure cooker or a pressure cooker, this post will interest you – today I will try to answer the most common doubts.

Is a pressure cooker really fast?
The main advantage of these pots, as their name suggests, is the speed with which they cook all kinds of food. With a fast cooker we can cook up to 70% faster than it would take in a normal pot.

It is a time saving that is very noticeable, especially during the week, when we are always short of time. There are other advantages, in my opinion equally or even more important, when using a fast cooker. We will see them later.

To resolve doubts about whether or not it is worth buying a pressure cooker, I invite you to watch this video:

Is a pressure cooker the same as a fast cooker?
Is there a difference between a pressure cooker and a fast cooker? This is a very common doubt since the commercial denomination of these cookers has evolved over time. I do not know if there are criteria to identify a cooker as fast or super-fast, but popularly a fast or super-fast cooker is better than a pressure cooker or an express cooker.

It is true that there are important differences between types of pressure cookers, but it is generally easier to identify the quality of a cooker by its brand name than by its trade name.

The WMF brand, for example, usually refers to pressure cookers, but other manufacturers such as Fissler or Kuhn Rikon use the term pressure cooker. Both WMF and Fissler or Kuhn Rikon manufacture excellent cookware regardless of whether they call them pressure cookers or fast cookers, so this is simply a trade name.

Which pressure cooker should I buy?
There are a multitude of models and prices of pressure cookers. Whenever we talk about well-known manufacturers, we cannot talk about good or bad cookers. They all work reasonably well and are safe, but there are important differences depending on the price range where we move.

When we talk about top level pressure cookers, we generally talk about three manufacturers: WMF, Kuhn Rikon and Fissler. The cookers of these manufacturers differ from the rest in their manufacturing quality, their safety measures and, above all, the pressure at which they work. By using higher pressure inside the cookware, we shorten the cooking time, so we cook faster, save energy and maintain better flavor and nutritional properties of the food.

Both WMF and Kuhn Rikon or Fissler have several models to choose from depending on the capacity, if we prefer handles or handle, smaller or larger diameter of the body, etc. If you have any doubt about which model to buy, do not hesitate to write or call us.

What recipes can a pressure cooker cook?
Many customers use pressure cookers mainly for cooking broths, legumes or vegetables. The difference between a pressure cooker and a normal pot is very big. Not only do we shorten the cooking time, the energy savings are significant because pressure cookers are faster and do not need a lot of firepower. In addition, the pressure generated inside, together with the short cooking time, allows us to obtain much more flavor, aroma and nutrients in the food. The difference between a broth or vegetables cooked in a pressure cooker or in a normal pot is really considerable.

In any case, the pressure cooker allows us to cook a multitude of recipes very easily and with excellent results. In a pressure cooker, apart from pulses, vegetables and creams, you can make from rice and pasta to all kinds of meats (they are really tender and juicy in record time) and desserts (custards, steamed cakes…). You will find a few recipes in our blog (here you have a compilation of them).

It is also ideal for steaming all kinds of food, as it cooks very quickly and with very little water so the food is perfect, with a phenomenal flavor and texture.

It is also highly recommended for cooking stews or meat stews. We shorten the cooking time and the meat is much more tender, very tasty and juicy. It is worth trying it as the results are excellent.