How to Cook Rice in a Pressure Cooker

Cooked white rice

In spring, summer, autumn or winter, rice in express pot is perfect to accompany all kinds of proteins and legumes, besides, it is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, iron, fiber, does not contain gluten and takes care of your heart and brain. It is simple to prepare and you don’t need many ingredients and the best thing is that it gets you out of trouble in no time.

Cooking time of rice in an pressure cooker
In this opportunity we are going to teach you how to prepare rice in an express pot and the first thing you need to know is that the cooking time for rice in a fast cooker is between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the pot and the rice you use. Quick, isn’t it?

How to make rice in a pressure cooker
Surely you have been told that cooking rice is very simple, well they have not lied to you, it is one of the easiest recipes to make and even easier when you cook rice in a fast cooker. In just a few steps and with ingredients you have at home, you will have a loose and delicious rice.

Pour a tablespoon of oil on the base of the pan and sauté some onion (it can be cut small or whole) or if you prefer some sliced garlic cloves, until they brown a little.
Add a well of rice (preferably unwashed) until lightly browned. Stir constantly.
For each well of rice add two wells of hot water and salt to taste.
Cover the pressure cooker when the water starts to boil.
Once the valve goes up or the pot beeps, let the steam escape and pressure cook for about 5 minutes.
Uncover the pot and enjoy.

White rice
White rice is the most popular cereal in the world, and cooking it in an express pot is so easy that you only need 10 minutes to have it ready. Choose a medium grain rice and remember that it is one of the easiest recipes in the crock pot. It is also the perfect side dish for lunch and/or dinner.

Brown rice in express pot
Many people prefer brown rice for its high fiber and vitamin content, which aids digestion. However, it is a little harder, so it requires a longer cooking time and more liquid.

Cooking brown rice in an express pot is much easier than in a normal pot, just keep in mind that for each cup of brown rice, you will need two and a half cups of water and that the cooking time will double, it will take approximately 20 minutes.

Heat the pressure cooker and add the rice to “dry” it.
Once dry, add a tablespoon of oil and the garlic cloves and stir constantly.
Then add the cups of water, a pinch of salt (you can use sea salt if you prefer) and a bay leaf.
Cover the pot and allow the pressure to rise to maximum.
When the pressure is at maximum, reduce the heat to minimum and cook for approximately 20 minutes.
Close the fire and let the pressure release naturally.
A tip to make your brown rice softer and more delicious is to soak it for about 45 minutes in cold water before cooking.

Tips for cooking in an express cooker
Be careful not to fill the express pot more than halfway.
Know the operation of your cooker well and avoid mishaps.
Keep safety valves clean