Air Fried Fries Vs Traditional Frying – Which is Healthier?

Air Fryer

Let’s compare the characteristics of fries prepared in the traditional way with those prepared in an air fryer and found that this new cooking method generated potatoes with significantly less fat, with a color very similar to the product fried by immersion in oil (traditional fryer) but the texture turned out to be harder, with a drier mouth feel and appearance similar to baked products. Another relevant aspect of the study revealed that much longer processing times were required, typically 21 minutes compared to 9 minutes for deep frying.

At the moment, all indications are that air-fried foods may be healthier than traditionally fried foods. They have less fat, which means fewer calories from fat, but still retain some potentially harmful compounds found in traditional fried foods.

My recommendation is to be cautious, read very well the instructions for use of the equipment, because from experience I know that it is not so easy to achieve the precise time-temperature combination to achieve the result we want. Another important issue that I consider relevant to highlight here are the expectations. When something “seems” to be too good….

I use the magnifying glass! and not for something bad, but simply not to have the disappointment afterwards. Why do I comment this? because if you are thinking that you will have crispy fries like the ones in the picture… sorry to disappoint you… there are chemical reactions that are almost exclusive to cooking by immersion in oil! so train your palate to a new way of tasting “fried” food in this device.

If you are determined to improve your eating habits, this cooking technique seems to be a good option when it is hard to resist the sensations of fried foods. However, keep in mind that just because it’s a better option than deep frying doesn’t mean it’s a good choice when it comes to your overall health – ideally, you should train your palate and learn to want to eat what’s good for you.